COMEDY: Job interviews, Shane Todd and one of the most tentative links you may ever read…

Shane Todd

The original concept for this blog was to focus on job interviews, and the trials and tribulations associated with trying to impress a room full of strangers.

It is something a lot of job seekers have to prepare for as they continue their search for work.

You fill out an application form, or send in your ‘glowing’ CV, and then you (hopefully) progress to the next stage – the interview.

Trying to sell yourself in front of a prospective employer can seem daunting. You have one chance to make a lasting impression.

No pressure, then.

This blog intended delving deeper into ways of mastering a job interview. And, one day, I may revisit the idea.

But it is Sunday, and I am sure there is enough banality in your life.

Instead, in probably one of the most tentative links ever, I grabbed a quick word with a man who makes a living out of impressing complete strangers.

And to add even more pressure, his job is to make them laugh.

County Down comedian Shane Todd’s stock is on the rise.

The 28-year-old -star of BBC’s Late Licence and Live at The Sunflower – enjoyed a stellar stint at this summer’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival where his ‘Holywood to Hollywood’ show received widespread critical acclaim.

Shane’s career isn’t just defined by his stand-up show, his rise to prominence has been supported by some superb cameo roles.

Mike McGoldrick and Keith Cruise are just two of the alter egos that have earned huge hits – and laughs – on social media, while his Belfast rapper creation MC Beezer (video below) is a joy to behold.

Shane – who will bring his Holywood to Hollywood show to the Ulster Hall this Friday (September 16) for a one-off special – puts his success down to a hard work ethic, and being raised in a “very funny family”.

He also admits a bad night in front of the mic is “infinitely better” than the best day he had at his former job working in a call centre.

As he prepares for Friday night’s homecoming gig, Shane took the time to speak to about his career.




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