COMMENT: Sitting comfortably? Good. Now get up and CHALLENGE YOURSELF!!

I made a pledge yesterday that I would take on new challenges – break out of my comfort zone.

It is easy to amble along the sandy shore of security, basking in the warmth of your safe cocoon.

In many ways, I have been doing that for the past 20 years.

I have worked in the same profession for two decades, upskilling when I needed to and earning promotions along the way.

I put in the work and took pride in everything I did. I was professional. But my boundaries never stretched too far.

It is far easier remaining within your comfort borders than actually breaking the picket lines and accepting new challenges.

If you stick to what you know then you will eventually plateau. You hit a career ceiling with little or nowhere to go.

And you end up missing out on professional opportunities, personal growth and life experiences.


Taking the first step may seem daunting, but when you actually stick your head above the parapet you soon realise there is a lot more on offer.

Begin with small changes and work your way up from there. Ditch the ‘safe choice’ for something more challenging. The rewards will be greater.

Some of the simplest – and greatest – words of advice are: Just say YES!!!

Say yes to new job offers, new appointments, new work projects – let the arc of your learning curve be constant.

Sounds simple, and it is. Just go for it.


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